Kashmiri Apothecary

Kashmiri Apothecary wants to connect all that is naturally available to us as a community of this wonderful planet, by providing, carefully crafted products and remedies for a better healthier lifestyle.

Our belief is, that together we can empower the communities and help balance and reclaim our health and wellness through specially selected herbal remedies and products.

The herbs we use today are of excellent quality and the aroma gives a sensation of excitement when we prepare them, freshly grinding and packing them for you.


Licorice and Fenugreek tea bags – a herbal remedy that has been used in Asia for centuries to combat persistent and hard to get rid of coughs and phlegm. Two teabags is all is needed as this lasts 8 days and a reduction is seen within two to three days of the cough and it is all natural.

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