Fenugreek & Licorice

These teabags are great for coughs or if anyone has lots of phlegm.

Put one teabag into 2 cups of water and boil for 10 minutes and keep topping up the pan when water goes down so level is same as before boiling. Take for four days divide into 1/4 cups and drink very warm twice a day and store in fridge and repeat once more for another 4 days.

2 teabags are sufficient for one person for the whole 8 days of cough remedy treatment. If after 8 days there is still a lingering cough stop for 5 days then repeat as above.

Our family and friends have been using this remedy for decades whenever we have a cough that is hard to shift or just when we have a cough and also whenever we have had phlegm as it shifts is really well.

A herbal remedy that has been used in Asia for centuries to combat persistent and hard to get rid of coughs and phlegm. Two teabags is all is needed per person as this lasts 8 days and a reduction is seen within two to three days of the cough and it is all natural.

Individuals – 4 teabags – £2.00

small family – 10 teabags – £3.50